18 de octubre de 2023

Al-Ahli Arabi, Arab Nation Hospital


The hundreds who have died there

They have done it without having a face or name

But the spirits of him spin on my chest

They don't rest

They ask for their voice, to recover their gaze

Touch the water of the Mediterranean

Biting the dates

Return to coffee with cardamom.


The fire fell on the displaced

Hundreds of them were refugees

Beings piled up in the hospital courtyard

poor among the poor

Living souls among the rocks of hell


The doctor Ghassan Abu Sitá

He says the ceiling fell on his operating room

They say it was a war accident

They say it was pure cruelty

we lack so much love of humanity

war hardly hurts or overwhelms


The names of the victims are silent

The dreams of an old fisherman do not appear

The poem of a pregnant mother

children's toys

The tears on a father's face

In short, what makes them human and not just numbers.


I promise that I will look for your sparkles

To celebrate their lives

Reveal their faces, their ideas

The love that shone in his eyes

The tragedy of more than two million civilians

Prisoners in besieged Gaza

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