11 de octubre de 2023

Hayim Katsman


I dedicated my existence to all forms of life that exist between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.

I fed on peace and not war. I grew in understanding and embrace. Never in hate.

I studied the Human Spirit and glimpsed with my mind the idea of God. And in everyone's faces I sensed the face of God.

I was calm, smile in the children, night of stars, music and rhythm of the sea.

Yes, because there in Kibbutz Holit, I was a gardener and a peace worker. There I opened my soul to the light, just as I learned from my mother, from your Ima and from all mothers.

On that fiery morning there were four of us hiding in a closet and by a coup de grace I managed to be a shield and save three roads from the sun.

Now my soul embraces those children and that Abba and also embraces those who thought they would kill me.

Yes, I am just another traveler among many. So, poet, sow a song that one day will reach my parents, to tell them that I am in the garden, in the kitchen, in the people who build peace.

I, for my part, leave you three rings, born of love and hope

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