22 de octubre de 2023

Vivian Silver

Vivian Silver was born in Winnipeg

Lightning year of 1949

death of a salesman

Janet Agren

Chaucha Revolt

Executions in Barcelona

Just months after the War of Independence


In my year - the prodigious one -

came to Israel for the first time

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

National Conference of Jewish Women

Aliya made in 1974

months after Yom Kippur


It united feminism and the search for peace

He made friends with Bedouins and Gazans

He defended humanity and its rights

He wove ties with the fringe

sought to understand and embrace

marched alongside his Palestinian peers


On October 7 she was kidnapped in Be'eri, her Kibbutz.

The fire consumed his house

More than a hundred of her siblings died.

Blood of flowers poured on the desert


Where are you sister in tune with peace?

What corner of hell do you illuminate?

How does your justice shine there?

Is there your crucible equality?

The sky that travels inside you.

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